Looking for TRX exercises for beginners?  

Unsure what kind of exercises you can do with a TRX?  Among the many great things about the TRX is the ability for all people with various fitness levels to find the rigth TRX exercises.  The versatility of simply moving foot position, to increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise, allows for easy progression from week to week.  I’ve included one main TRX exercise for each body part for a complete beginners total body workout.  You’ll find both a written description of the exercise, with proper form and the body parts it’s working, as well as a video demonstration.


TRX Exercise for Legs (specifically Quads) -

Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width.  Hands in front of you, lean back gently pushing your butt and hips back, chest up and shoulders back.  Go only as low as you can to start, progressively working lower as you get stronger.

TRX Exercisess for Legs (specifically for Hamstrings) – 

Stand with your elbows tight at your side with a slight forward lean.  Step back with one leg bending to your knee, return to the start position.  You can add a knee drive as you bring your leg forward for a more difficult exercise.

TRX Exercises for Chest – 

Arms in front of you, straps tight, as you lean forward elbows out, and bring your chest down to your hands.  Push back up to the start keeping the straps at shoulder height .

TRX Exercises for Arms (Biceps and Triceps)

Bicep Curls – Lean back slightly, elbows tucked at your side, hands in front of you.  Use your biceps to pull your body weight bringing your hands to your face squeezing at the top.

Tricep Extensions – Use the same starting position as the bicep curl with a slight backward lean.  Instead of curling your hands to your face, extend your elbows bringing your fists towards the floor keeping tension on the straps.

Change arm angle for bicep curls, or lean away from the TRX for tricep extensions once you’ve mastered the first two exercises.

TRX Exercises for Back – 

Hold your hands in front of your chest with a slight backward lean extending your arms.  Keep your body straight and your shoulders down.  Pull yourself up keeping your arms at your sides, back straight, and shoulders back.

TRX Exercises for Core (Abs) -

Start in a push up position on your elbows for an easier variation.  Keep your back straight bringing your knees to your chest.  Repeat for reps and work to do 1 more than you did in the previous workout.

Now that you have your all the TRX exercises you need for a beginners total body workout, STOP procrastinating and buy one today.  Get started on your way to a healthier, stronger, fitter you.

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 TRX Exercises   Beginners